Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleat curtains are a highly decorative heading, drawing together lots of fabric into a tightly gathered and stitched bunch at the top. The permanently sewn-in pleats make for a smart finish, with elegant folds flowing from top to bottom. You can have pinch pleat curtains with either a pole or a track. The most popular style of curtains and drapes that incorporate a timeless design by creating fabric folds called pleats. Today’s most popular designs are the 2 finger pleat and 3 finger pleat. Great for openings of all sizes.

  • Functions well.
  • Looks great under valances.
  • Stripes & plaids may not line up with pleats.
  • Pleating on pattern is sometimes possible.
  • Silk fabrics should always be interlined.
  • Can use decorative rod with rings or traverse rod.
  • Consider ring size when determining drapery length; ring size is not included in finished length.
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